New US sanctions in force

Notwithstanding “arm in arm” photo opps of John Kerry, US Secretary of State, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, following the Iran “nuclear deal,” the fact remains that the Crimea annexation and the (largely currently unreported) ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict are still “unfinished business” as far as the US is concerned. ...

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Croatia’s Constitutional Court cancels ex-PM Ivo S. bribery convictions and orders retrial

The Constitutional Court of Croatia has overturned and ordered a retrial of two final bribery convictions against former Prime Minister Ivo S., who was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison for accepting a bribe from Austria’s Hypo Bank in mid-1990s and for taking a kickback from the Hungarian oil group MOL in 2008 in exchange for allowing it to take management role in Croatia’s biggest oil firm INA ...

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Croatian Supreme Court to deal with Fimi Media case involving former Croatian PM Ivo S. and political party HDZ in late September

The Supreme Court of Croatia is to deal in September with appeals submitted by former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo S. and the Croatian Democratic Union (‘HDZ’) political party in the so-called Fimi Media case, in which both were found guilty of stealing money from the state through Fimi Media marketing agency. ...

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