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Terrorists operate in Poland

“We are monitoring several tens of people,” the general said, explaining that the people are usually Poles, who years ago emigrated to Germany or Norway, where they converted to Islam and from where they have relocated to fight in the name of the IS. The ABW is also closely monitoring foreigners living in Poland who are known to have travelled to areas that lie within the IS. ...

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How aggressive are Polish police?

The Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs (MSW) just announced a public tender for carrying out an audit among police officers to measure violence displayed by Polish police officers against citizens. ...

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Polish labor inspectorate’s name used to scam business owners

“Any attempts to extort money in exchange for services, deeds, certificates or PIP’s published materials are fraudulent and ought to be reported to law enforcement agencies,” Danuta Rutkowska, spokesperson of the Chief Labour Inspectorate (GIF), told the press. Rutkowska also stated that the PIP does not provide paid OHS seminars and does not charge for issuing certificates. ...

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